1. #21
    The bug is not fixed.
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    same issue, beryl captured my island, i took it back, ships going down to the southmost point of the map.
    loaded the point directly before accepting the escorting, wont start this quest again until they fix it, just playing the campaign like endless until then lol.
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    Yeah, unfortunately not fixed today.....
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  4. #24
    Have the same problem after I lost La Isla to AI and took it back.. I have spent way to many hours now to restart.
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  5. #25
    Guess it is not fixed yet
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    still no FIX... have the same problem ...

    ubisoft what are you guys doing? FIX the problem - releasing the game with a killing bug - can happen but shouldnt.

    But not fixing this HUGE bug after 3 patches -> REALLY! great job !

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    I indeed stopped playing since over a month because i don't want to spoil myself.... very unfortunate.
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    not fixed with today's hotfix patch...... *sigh
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