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    I had the same issue, Did you lost or moved the haborbuilding? This bug appeard in the campaign after i have lost the La Isla to enemy (and recaptured it).
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    +1 Same bug
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    did also happen to me, the lady declared war took the isle (got obliterated by me after) I retook it and am stuck as well...
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    Happend to me, too. Beryl o'hara claimed La Isla and I took it back. Now I stuck at this mission.
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    Any update from the devs ?
    I had high hopes for yesterday's patch but apparently nothing changed yet.
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    Still bummed out that there still is no fix for that as i dont intend to do the campaign on expert again until this point.
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    Even since my original post, I'm way past the ability to restore an autosave to do this again. I'm hoping they can release a patch / hotfix that will either just mark the quest completed and we can move without actually doing it, or reset it with bug fixed and we do the quest. I'd just love to continue without starting over again.
    Here's hoping.
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    Same issue

    I am not sure if my island being taken over by an NPC and me taking it back had anything to do with it.
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    Same bug +1

    La Isla was taken (and taken back) before i started the quest
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    Same issue, La Isla got took by Betyl as soon as I landed, immediately took it back, but that was way before this mission. Didn't do any New World campaign until the island was taken back, let alone this mission specifically. Escorted the ships all the way down to the southernmost point, where they stopped.
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