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    A Serious Supply Problem!

    I'm playing AC III Remastered on the PS4.

    Throughout sequence 8 and now again at the start of sequence 9 I'm having a consumables problem. It started out with wool. When I selected to top up my supplies of same I multi selected to buy 10 units. Nothing happened, it still read 0/10 for wool. At least no money was deducted from my growing coffers. In any event I selected to buy 1 unit of wool, which did show up 1/10, however that's as far as it went as every time I tried to add to the total it still read 1/10. Worse was to come the very next day...

    Minerals have started to do the same thing. In one game session everything seems fine, the next session everything goes to hell in a hand-basket!

    Clay will not go above 7/10, Copper Ore will go above 3/10, Iron Ore is frozen on 0/10, Lead will not go above 6/10, Rock Salt is also frozen on 0/10, Silver Ore will go up as high a 9/10 but only if you purchase it individually one unit at a time, while sulphur will go up to 6/10 but again only if you buy 1 unit at a time.

    As a result of all of this I've not bothered sending out any convoys over the last couple of play sessions. I suspect that this problem was caused by a serious game crash during the early stages of playing sequence 8 in the middle of a major fight with a bunch of Redcoats in Boston. Everything froze and I had no choice but to shut the game down and reboot it.

    In passing I disliked the tedious method of putting convoys together when I played the game on the PS3. The fact that you did nothing to improve it and make it less of a tedious chore is seriously disappointing.
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    Me too, same problem
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    Same problem for me too and I didn't have a crash. Either it's linked to this part of the game or the recent patch broke it cause it only started happening to me. Also btw, when crafting it uses my resources but doesn't give me the item. I'm very pissed off about this... Please fix asap
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    Hey guys! Are you able to provide a screenshot from this issue?
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    Hi, the same problem still occurs in Japan edition too.

    I recorded as video.
    sorry for Japasene, please watch it.
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    Still an issue.

    I am having the same issue now in Aug. @ubisailorscout took notice in early May, but no followup here. Anybody know a fix?
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