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    So, it hasn't been fixed yet? Do we have to replay the entire stuff again?
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    Same her

    AND NO UBI SOFT I will not replay that Campaign ...

    I own all ANNO Games and all DLCs , bought them always when they have been released, even bought them again, when everything could be bought in the UPlay Shop !

    Really FIX THAT
    Come on , already lot of time has passed ..
    All that ships sailed straight to the south, and it was a hard campaign, as one AI had overtaken near all islands and I had to destroy the whole AI with his 20+ islands to get that far !

    So really fix this or make a WORKAROUND for the people who are stuck ...

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    FOR THE DEVS ...

    here is a save BEFORE I START THE MISSION ... the ships are in position and the convoy just sails straight to the south , even through the pirates HQ


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    Very sad... A game with strong name plenty of bugs in the release. I didn't have bought this game in this state. The worse, weeks pass and there is no solution or communication from developers. Only littles replys in some posts from ubisoft workers that seems more community managers than support workers fixing the game. Only saying, they are investigating... and 17 days have passed since game release. Blue byte tell nothing. A stick from know issues from the day 1 release. Seems they know these bugs and release the game but anno 1800 have a lot more bugs. And here still nothing, campaing still unplayable, some missions don't work and the days keep going.

    This is not admissible from a company like ubisoft. I had a lot of appreciation from anno saga but this policies realeasing games with serious bugs and not fixing it quick is going to rethink me for buy more anno games in the future. In these days, it seems we can't prepurchase games, many games are unpolished or bugged or with lack of content.
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    I have exactly the same problem in this assignment... I can't go any further... Waiting for patches for several days, very sad buying the game really normal not to play!
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    No Solution

    I've been having the same problem for over a week now. This is my second campaign with the same problem. I had Uplay verify the files and it did not fix anything. I've become a daily player now and it sucks to not be able to continue the campaign beyond chapter 3. Dang it!
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    Ubisoft, can you at least confirm that this issue is known for you and you will fix it?
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    After the patch campaign still broken. And ubisoft, blue byte tells nothing for a fix. This is unbelievable. This is my first and last anno game pre purchase.
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    The bug is not fixed. Wait again? This game is my biggest disappointment with ubisoft
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    Still not working.. ...
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