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    Safe punishes get blocked

    Hey everyone,

    some of my punishes get blocked way to often. For example a side heavy with the warden or conq after a guard break, or a top heavy after a light parry. Some guy just dodged my light attack after i shield bashed him with the conquerer. The latency in the games were between 20 and 30.

    Does anyone know why this stuff is happening? Am i supposed to have my guard in the right direction with those punishes?

    Some help would be nice
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    There is only one way ... you input your follow-up attack to late.

    In For Honor you can already input the next attack while doing your current attack. Otherwise there is no way your problem can happen. Never heard of any other reason, since your ping is fine.

    I just know this too well, from new people I introduced into this game. They input too late.
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