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    so in the first one you have to climb the citadel of acre for a sync point but in number two when desmond passes out and you have to return as altari and when i start climbing it there is no way up. i even looked up how i did it in the first one there is a handle that is in the first one that is not in the second one so please how do i get up the citadel in AC2?
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    Get on one of the walls on either side of the path. From there you can jump up to the ring that encircles the tower. Make your way over to the balcony, and climb up.

    Sit on the outermost ledge, and face the plank.
    Hold down your High Profile button, and hold then release your Feet button. Altair will jump up and grab the plank.

    You can climb up from there. Enjoy your surprise.

    EDIT: It's NOT the citadel of Acre you climb, it's some sort of Guard tower along the wall.
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    You have to do a super wall jump, where you run up the wall, and just at the top of the run, hit the jump button and tilt the directional stick in the direction you want the character to jump. It took me about 5 minutes for me to figure this out, as it wasn't exactly explained, but you'll think of it eventually. Good luck with your adventures!
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    When I'm on sit on the ledge, I'm not able to reach the plank
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    Omg thanks for spoiling.

    Use the hints&tips section in advance. Or put at least a spoiler warning in your post.
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    Well since i've found out about this and will be getting the game tomorrow, i want to ask, can you kill guards as Altair ?

    And IV_trailer is right you should at least warn people about spoilers
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    Lol, fail.

    Run up the wall on one edge of the balcony and when he slows down point towards the plank and jump.
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    i have the same problem and whatever i do, i cannot reach that plank! i am sure this is a bug, it makes me crazy as i cannot even skip that level. god dammit, i am goin crazy!!!!
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    I had the same problem about not being able to reach the pole/plank thing that has the lamp on it. I eventually got him to jump on to it from the right side ledge if you were looking at the tower from the ground.
    Good luck
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    I did a wall run on the door and were then able to grab it! crazy scene but so simply in the end :-/
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