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    How to access Assassin's Creed Liberation?

    I got the game free for purchasing the season pass in Assassin's Creed Odyssey. However, when I start the game, I cannot go to the bundle menu and automatically go to the main menu of Assassin's Creed 3. I can't find a way to open Assassin's Creed Liberation. I looked at the website and it said that PC players can choose to download it but I still don't know how to download it. Can anyone help me?
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    raddevbor's Avatar Member
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    Should be accessible after clicking "Play" button in ACIIIR - dropdown menu appears
    Check your ACIIIR folder - it should contain 'ACL' (I think) folder.

    For Steam look here.
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    still can't access

    I tried again in Uplay and there was no / I couldn't find the dropdown menu. The game automatically entered the AC3 main menu. I also couldn't find the ACL folders
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    I am having same problem. Purchased odyssey on steam. Tried the AC3L exe file in steam apps folder and still takes me to regular ac3 remastered. Its like the menu where you pick between ac3 and ac3 liberation does not come up. any help would be appreciated.
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    Hey folks,

    Can you provide any video of what happens when you try the steps provided by raddevbor?
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    I am able to access the game from the AC3 folder and launching liberation. Also on uPlay if you click save to desktop, it will create launch icons for both AC3 and liberation
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