Hey, friends!

We're past the halfway mark of the Spring Games, but it isn't over until it's over. The fifth challenge of the Community Competition is live! You can find all the challenges available on the Roadmap, and below are the details for the sixth:

Challenge 6:


World 3 – Chapter 2 – Battle 1


  • Finish in 1 turn
  • Use Mario, Luigi and Rabbid Luigi
  • All heroes must survive the battle
  • Don't use Extra-Health mode

By now you may know we host a live QA session on the Community Discord every week. There, we discuss the latest challenge and answer questions. It is a blast, and if you haven't joined, you should come to the next session! In any case, if you missed it, here is a recap of this week's questions:

How are winners determined?

Winners are randomly selected from the pool of players who have completed the community challenges, with each challenge completed improving your odds!

Does completing the challenge the best, or in an impressive way such that it would be featured on the infographic, have any effect on the odds?

It does not, but as you said, it could afford you recognition in an infographic or a season retrospective!

Is this the last challenge of the season?

It is the last of six weekly challenges on the roadmap!

Do you have any information available on what tracking the game does?

We're able to track whether players meet the conditions outlined in each challenge using the conditions outlined in the registration/FAQ in tandem with live in-game data!

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