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    Another assassins creed rogue?!

    So ubisoft didnt put in advertising a game they released in 2014, and the story is gold!
    Assassins creed rogue was never completely known because it was a high copy in its maps, fighting style and etc. But it really had the best new story in the franchise. The assassin became the templar! And this game was only in old gen consoles !
    I know that it wasnt a good assassins creed game overally, but the idea was awesome.
    So this is my problem, why there isn't more rogue? At least there could be an effort of making a templar game worth playing.
    I think it will be one of the best.
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    I'm all for another Templar game.

    Would you want them to be like Assassin's Creed but from a different perspective, or would you see other features added (like a RTS building sim)?
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