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    Just a little update from me... I got some items back! The legendary outfit is back in my inventory. Also the squirrel outfit (except the helmet) and some gear i bought from store. Still missing all from Uni of Trials, ANBA, KTM and Red Bull or the chicken helmet, but I'm starting to hope that everything will turn out again.
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    Thanks for the update Jongie! I'm glad to hear some of your items have came back.
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    So, the new update is here. I was really looking forward to it because of the fixed inventory.


    Fixed missing items when local save data is restored from online storage
    I deleted my local gamesave and startet the game. But after sync with cloud storage via Xbox Live there are no changes in my inventory. Still missing all my items. Is there any other way to restore my data from online storage? I'm playing on Xbox and my gamesave will be synced from cloud before Rising has launched. Any ideas?
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    Nothing new?
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