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    Originally posted by F0_Dark_P:
    nice site

    btw i like this fighter, Messerschmitt P 1101

    it looks alot like our (Swedish) J29 Tunnan, btw my favourite fighter after the 109

    [EDIT] i changed the me pick
    Me p.1101 looks like a Bell x-45 to me and
    Focke Wulf 183 looks like Tunnan (source Luftwaffe secret projects fighters 1939-1945)
    that Fw would be uber plane to havw in game!!
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    The YP80 never saw combat in WW2 but the Me262 did.
    Sometime ago I heard that two YP-80 were sent to Italy in spring 1945. They reportedly flew patrols over friendly territory to intercept Ar-234s. I posted that notion, but someone replied Ar-234s were not used over Italy. But they were! On 14 march 1945 three Ar-234 B-2 of "Kommando Hecht" were moved to Udine airfield to recon Allied ground forces. One of them was shot down by...P-51D on 11 april 1945.
    So if in fact those YP-80 were in Italy and flying patrols - that would be WW2 combat carrer!
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    I find it funny that so many people say the 262 is "banned" online. That is not the case at all. Once a map rotates into a 262 planeset, a couple of things happen. One, a number of players suddenly switch to blue to fly the 262 for the novelty. Two, a good percentage of red players simply leave to find better things to do with their time than to fruitlessly chase around vastly faster aircraft for an hour or two. Try it sometime, it isn't that much fun.

    I've surprised and shot down numerous 262s, but it's not all that thrilling in the end.
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