Hi there! We've compiled a list of helpful resources to make your experience with Anno 1800 as smooth as possible.

General Info
Release Date for Anno 1800
Locating your content in Anno 1800
Redeeming Anno 1800 Preorder Code
Content of Anno 1800 editions
Content of Anno 1800 ULCs
Day 1 Patch Size
System requirements for Anno 1800
Supported languages for Anno 1800
Availability of Anno 1800 on Steam
Your progress in the Anno 1800 Open Beta
Cloud save management in Anno 1800
Save game location for Anno 1800
Chess Table Ubisoft Club Reward
Explorer Ubisoft Club Reward

Game Settings
Accessibility features available in Anno 1800
Adding or changing the audio language
Subtitles options in Anno 1800
Blueprint Mode in Anno 1800
Configuring sound levels Anno 1800
Configuring the Quick Access Bar and Radial Menu
Key mapping in Anno 1800

Technical Issues and Troubleshooting
Reporting a bug or technical issue
Anno 1800 doesn't launch
Connection error codes for Anno 1800
Connectivity issues for Anno 1800 on PC
Experiencing performance issues
FPS drops when building Harbour Quay
Game is not starting with Nvidia RTX series graphics cards
Game is starting with integrated graphics chip
Graphical artefacts when using AMD Crossfire
Unable to finish Expedition in Multiplayer Quick match
Unknown DirectX error

Please don't hesitate to post here on the forums or create a case if you need any assistance. Happy gaming!