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    Can't play STEAM version of game, key already being used?

    I haven't played Anno 2070 in a long time, bought on steam but now when I login in-game it asks me to use the CD key steam is providing me with but all I get is that "the activation key is being used by another user"?

    I'm running it from STEAM but uplay is asking for the key. the one STEAM is giving me is saying that it is already being used? please help? I have made a ticket (08604066) but it's not been around 24 hours and still no response?

    Please help.
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    Hey Puggaroo!

    As this issue involves looking into your account it is not something that we can do over the forums due to Data Protection. We aim to respond to support tickets within 48 hours, we ask that you await a reply via this please.
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