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    [Video] Leaderboard hackers

    Just search Trials Rising Cheats and there's an actual trainer on PC. Maybe if we make this thing public, developers will push harder to remove the cheaters & reset some accounts.


    When is redlynx going to take action against these people? The game has been out for a few months now. These player names generally have that Ubisoft icon next to their name as well as at least one fault.

    If your replay file can have its length recorded, then that length should be compared with the leaderboard time for accuracy.
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    One thing I don't get is... they removed some people's WR runs on that Power Bike skill game because it wasn't run as 'intended' but they don't bother takin out all the hacked times for like what, 2 months now?
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    At this point I'm convinced they simply do not care if people cheat. It's absolutely absurd to have cheaters at the top of a competitive leader board, but they clearly can't be bothered to do anything about it.
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    Of course they do not care. It would take a few seconds to remove all the top records with any fault.
    No need for investigation here, and that would be a good start.
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    If we could filter LB's by platform then at least wouldn't see it unless it happens on PS4
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    Please remember that "naming and shaming" is against the Rules of these forums. If you come across a cheater, please report them to our customer support team with any evidence you have, as they will be able to handle the matter from there.
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