Hey all, Below are the known issues that we are aware of:

  • Graphical corruption is present when AMD Crossfire is activated
    Currently investigating, however please bear in mind Crossfire is not supported
  • [Currently investigating] Uplay overlay shade is not correctly displayed on AMD GPUs if title loaded with DirectX 12
  • Potential performance issues with RTX cards
    --> please send your system files (DxDiag, MSINFO) and savegames to the support team

We're currently investigating all of the below, if you are experiencing any of these, people contact the support team with as much information as you can, so we can continue to investigate thoroughly.
  • Railway bridge costs are shown wrong.
  • I have a different Island after someone else than the host loaded the game
  • Sometimes invisible items/goods are blocking ship slots after picking up flotsam
  • Repair crane not working correctly if more than one ship is in its repair radius
  • Farm buildings: placing fields not possible if the cursor was moved over other UI element while dragging the fields
  • World Fair is sometimes not sending out carts
  • Crash related to city festivals
  • Player cannot complete escort mission "Emergency Evacuation"
  • AI does not take workforce into account
  • Specialists can arrive on islands that are not the most attractive
  • Two pirates in South America
  • "Reminder" message appears instead of the "Ready to hand in your quest" when clicking on second or third party Lighthouses and all requirements for Voluntary Quest were met
  • Chocolate is never previewed or unlocked in moderate
  • Bridges of the same type can not be build in the same place after demolishing
  • Escorting ships can fall far behind the to be escorted ship
  • Blueprints are visible when taking in game photos
  • Play time is running faster if you play on fastest game speed
  • Animals don't disperse properly when no forest is present
  • Cargo - Flotsam bounces several times then remains floating above the water
  • Ships are going to a random harbor after coming from a different area.

  • Main beach of Bright Sands cannot be built on

  • Large Lake is silent at Cape Trelawney
  • There are some lines in the diplomacy menu that don't trigger any audio.

  • Unable to start multiplayer-mode
  • Only host gets Sunken Treasures quest
  • FPS drops down while spamming in Multiplayer chat
  • Uplay nickname of the multiplayer participant is displayed as previous Player's nickname after loading the savegame and inviting a new Player instead of the old one
  • Treaties menu is empty if player is in alliance since session start
  • Cancel Player invitation button has no icon in the "Invited Friends" field of multiplayer lobby
  • Multiplayer option is grayed out.

To be fixed in a future update:
  • Anarchist DLC displaying as L1 in Uplay PC DLC list
  • Ships are stopping randomly on the sea

  • [Possibly fixed] DX12: Game crashes on start.
    Make sure you update your graphics drivers and it should be fixed, if you continue to do so - please contact the support team.
  • [Fixed for Nvidia, still investigating for AMD]On game launch the integrated GPU is addressed by the game not the dedicated GPU
  • [Possibly Fixed] Performance issues in Steam.
    Should be fixed, if not please try offline mode and send a support ticket with your sysreq.
  • [Possibly fixed] Language suddenly changes.
  • [Fixed]Upon deleting the connecting tile on a t-crossing the next tile will transform in a functional end-track tile
  • [Fixed]Missing Minimap Marker in Destroy Quests
  • [Fixed]Player cannot complete "Prosperity for all"
  • [Fixed]Player cannot be re-invited to the saved multiplayer match if he/she is not in Uplay friend list of the Player who is loading the savegame
  • [Fixed]Players get infinite loading screen of multiplayer game session when the host leaves the title while loading screen
  • [Fixed]Players desync after anarchist patch with error LR40
  • [Fixed]Public Mooring object won't be adjusted to the terrain surface when being moved
  • [Fixed]Pick up miners objective can't be completed due to missing objects to pick up in Heigh oh Happy Resident Quest
  • [Fixed]Destruction tool red color is not properly seen on quay elements
  • [Fixed]Happiness not updated once a production building is deleted
  • [Fixed]Diseased ship do not attack enemies although cursor type changes to attack-type
  • [Fixed]Victory & Lose: AI wins surprisingly the game
  • [Fixed]Playing a session, and starting a new one over and over can lead to a crash.
  • [Fixed]Objective for "Toast to the Future" is missing
  • [Fixed]Fire Station shows weird text and won't let player mobilize.
  • [Fixed][Achievement] "Annoholic" and "Party like it`s 1851" Club Challenges are not unlocked when completing the requirements in-game
  • [Fixed]Placeholders are present for some goods dropped from pirates ships
  • [Fixed]Powerplant stops working if workforce supply is below 100%
  • [Fixed]Newspaper wrongly reports Shortages
  • [Fixed]UI Island Bar workforce menu popups causing audio issue
  • [Fixed]Missing Ui sounds on several screens
  • [Fixed]Stretching "Harbor Quay" through all map leads to severe FPS drop and micro-freezes for all players in session
  • [Fixed]Occasionally the expeditions cannot be completed in the quick match mode until the player reboots the title
  • [Fixed]Photo quest UI visible on screenshots used in the newspaper
  • [Fixed]Ships on "passive defensive" stance do not defend themselves.