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    Dead Chest's Island 100 % requirements (bugged)

    Hey Assassin's,

    one objective of this mission is to perform 3 running assassinations. The first 2 are easy but the 3rd one is totally impossible. I watched several youtube guides and no matter how often I try whenever Connor reaches the last running assassination open conflict is triggered just centimeters before the targets. I am really out of ideas. Has anyone a tip on how to get this last running assassination?

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    The angle and distance matters a lot in this case. Try slightly different angles and do not spam attack button early. Hickey assassination mission has similar issues.
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    dont spam the button, hold the button, for me it was the second kill who was hard, the one where you have to kill the guy at the same time, you have to be in a perfect way to kill them but anyway i di it after a lot of cursing word and a lot of try ;p
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    That entire mission is a parkour test. Basically, where there is an opportunity to climb, take it. Avoid running on the ground as much as possible.

    Also, you don't make it clear what the "last" guards...
    Your final running assassination should be a double assassination with the 2 guards camping on the ground. Beyond that, something has gone wrong.
    I'm going to bet you're triggering open conflict with those two camping 2 guards?
    If so it's because you're coming at them from the ground on the left rather than from up top on the right.
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    I had the same problem in that mission (I play on the Playstation 4). I found out that the reason why I can't kill them before thet noticed me, is that I do not run. Instead I am more jogging. The solution is to change the R2 button, to any other button (I used R1). This can be done in your playstation 4: Settings--> accesability --> Button changes --> R2=R1 / R1=R2.
    Now start AC3 Remastered and do the mission again. This enabled me to actually run and I had no problems with performing the running assassinations.
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    If you play on PC like me, then yeah, it is really really hard to get it done.
    It does work, like 1 times out of 10. The gards are not even in open conflict or anything, and Connor just run through them as if you didn't pushed the attack button.
    I feel like you have to try several angle to approach the first of the two gards when you jump off the broken mast.
    It just don't trigger most of the time, it is really annoying.
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    I finally completed this on PC and posting here for anyone who finds this thread in the future.

    The issue is that the water level is too high leading up to the two men. When you approach them you are wading through the water and no longer running. If you pause for a second or two at the top of the log and let the water flow back out you will be running when you approach them and can get the double assassination no problem. If you're lucky the guy you're chasing also waited a bit for you to arrive so you can still catch him before the cave.
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