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    They had air-to-air and air-to-surface guided missiles....

    I don't know if that counts for anything.
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    have see picture while go bf-108 wing mount panzerfaust

    have feel fw-190A have carry rocket no sure
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    yep there was some german rockets. there was a couple of antitank/ground attack types

    ingame we have air to air, the r4m or whatever on the 262's, (fires all at once, good for 1 bomber only really ) and the mortar type, which will damage bombers in a small radius

    for the RAF theres the 60lb and 25lb i think. basicaly the same rocket, just a 60lb explosive, and a solid AP type.

    the AP types where used by costal command, fired to hit just below the waterline (hopefully), the rocket would slice thru making a hole, then bounce about inside quiet often, setting things on fire, damaging stuff etc.

    tiffies used mostly the 60lb type to blow anything up.

    sometimes they double fitted the rockets, so there was 16
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    The fw190 had rocket loadouts for ground attack similiar to what the allied crafts have in this sim, but we do not have them in this sim, along with a number of other loadouts for various axis craft.
    For example the 109f4 was produced in a version able to carry bombs, and also there was a dual 20mm gunpod option for the f4, but it is not in this sim, and on and on.

    I am not complaining about this, this sim is phenomenal for what it has to offer. It is just a fact it does not have everything, and it cannot be used as a historical document for sure.

    fw190F-8 rocket loadouts:

    24 55mm r4m rockets,

    14 100kg RBS B/f21 rocket bombs

    6 280mm WGr.28 rockets,

    or Panzerblitz anti-tank rockets in 55, 78 and 130mm calibres.....

    And this is just from the first book I picked up. "feel" and "from what I have seen" just doesn't cut it.

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    The Americans did employ guided bombs during the war. They made several strikes against the Thailand-burma line, made famous by the "Golden Boy" William Holden (historical accuracy ala "Hollywood :\/).

    I especially liked the bright flares used so that the bomb could be seen as it fell towards the target.
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    The Germans also used guided bombs sinking the modern Italian Battleship Roma and very nearly fatally damaging HMS Warspite in the MED theatre.
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    Germans had developed rockets at about the same time as the allies, but the use was different. The German 21cm rocket was BIG one with a big warhead , developed from the army rocket launcher. It was used against air-ground too in Normandy etc. The primary intention was bomber formations.

    However I think the main reasons the LW was not using rockets so much because they developed alternative methods much earlier : cluster bombs. You will find that many air force today prefer them as well over unguided rockets. These were used as early as 1941, and could be fitted with dozens of frag or anti-armor bomblets like modern ones, covering a large territory. Rockets on the other hand were fairly inaccurate and next to useless against tough and small targets such as armor - big cannons was the way to go.
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    As for the russians, how Oleg has modelled rockets like RS-82, and RS-132 is kinda joke. Afaik, american,german British rockets (HVARS esspeciallY) rockets were superior compared to the ones russians had in terms accurasy. Never ceased to amaze me how easy it is to shoot down planes with RS-82s, not bad for rockets with wooden parts . There was a reason why VVS eliminated RS-rocket racks from fighters after 1942: they were simply too inaccurate to be useful..
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