Hey all, Below are the known issues that you might run into:

  • DX12: Game crashes on start.
  • Playing a session, and starting a new one over and over can lead to a crash
  • On game launch the integrated GPU is addressed by the game not the dedicated GPU
  • Graphical corruption is present when AMD Crossfire is activated
  • Uplay overlay shade is not correctly displayed on AMD GPUs if title loaded with DirectX 12

  • Ships on "passive defensive" stance do not defend themselves
  • Pick up miners objective can't be completed due to missing objects to pick up in Heigh oh Happy Resident Quest
  • Public Mooring object won't be adjusted to the terrain surface when being moved
  • Destruction tool red color is not properly seen on quay elements
  • AI does not take workforce into account
  • Upon deleting the connecting tile on a t-crossing the next tile will transform in a functional end-track tile
  • Specialists can arrive on islands that are not the most attractive
  • Happiness not updated once a production building is deleted
  • Placeholders are present for some goods dropped from pirates ships
  • Diseased ship do not attack enemies although cursor type changes to attack-type
  • Two pirates in South America
  • Victory & Lose: AI wins surprisingly the game
  • Powerplant stops working if workforce supply is below 100%
  • Missing Minimap Marker in Destroy Quests
  • "Reminder" message appears instead of the "Ready to hand in your quest" when clicking on second or third party Lighthouses and all requirements for Voluntary Quest were met
  • Chocolate is never previewed or unlocked in moderate
  • Bridges of the same type can not be build in the same place after demolishing
  • Escorting ships can fall far behind the to be escorted ship
  • Blueprints are visible when taking in game photos
  • Play time is running faster if you play on fastest game speed
  • Animals don't disperse properly when no forest is present
  • Cargo - Flotsam bounces several times then remains floating above the water
  • Photo quest UI visible on screenshots used in the newspaper
  • Powerplant stops working if workforce supply is below 100%

  • Objective for "Toast to the Future" is missing
  • Main beach of Bright Sands cannot be built on

  • There are some lines in the diplomacy menu that don't trigger any audio.
  • UI Island Bar workforce menu popups causing audio issue
  • Missing Ui sounds on several screens

  • Stretching "Harbor Quay" through all map leads to severe FPS drop and micro-freezes for all players in session
  • Occasionally the expeditions cannot be completed in the quick match mode until the player reboots the title
  • FPS drops down while spamming in Multiplayer chat
  • Uplay nickname of the multiplayer participant is displayed as previous Player's nickname after loading the savegame and inviting a new Player instead of the old one
  • Treaties menu is empty if player is in alliance since session start
  • Player cannot be re-invited to the saved multiplayer match if he/she is not in Uplay friend list of the Player who is loading the savegame
  • Players get infinite loading screen of multiplayer game session when the host leaves the title while loading screen
  • Cancel Player invitation button has no icon in the "Invited Friends" field of multiplayer lobby