Open Beta Guide for Anno 1800 .

Here you can find some important informations about the Open Beta for Anno 1800

When does the Open Beta for Anno 1800 start?

Open Beta period
You can play the Open Beta of Anno 1800 from 12th of April till 14th of April for free.

On which platform will the Open Beta of Anno 1800 be playable?
You can access the Open Beta on Uplay or the Epic launcher.

What time will the Open Beta be playable?
Our map will show you, when you can start playing in your country:

Preload of Anno 1800 :

Preload of the Open Beta:
You can preload the Open Beta on Uplay or the Epic launcher.

What time will the preload start?
Right now!

Size of the Open Beta
Currently there are no certain informations about the size of the actual download. But it should be around 30 to 40GB.

More important informations on the Open Beta:

The Open Beta of Anno 1800 will only be playable with a stable and permanently internet connection.

Content of the Open Beta:
All the features available:
  • Open Gameplay till third population level
  • first chapter of the Anno 1800 campaign
  • Multiplayer

Unlockable content for the full game:
As a player right from the beginng, you will be rewarded with a deco-item for your participation in the Open Beta of Anno 1800. The item will be available in the full version of the game.

Technical FAQ - Open Beta Anno 1800

What are the system requirements?

Is it possible to use the game data/save games from the Closed Beta?
Unfortunately that's not possible. You will have to download the Open Beta client and deinstall the Closed Beta data.

There can I find my game data and screenshots?
  • Screenshots you took ingame can be found here:
    C:\Users\Your Name \Documents\Anno 1800 Open Beta\
  • Screenshots you took with Uplay can the found here:
    C:\Users\Your Name\Pictures\Uplay
  • The game data is accessible in the folder "Accounts".

The game is not starting or crashes
Please insure all of your drivers are up to date.

For example:
  • graphics drivers
  • mainboard drivers
  • and so on..

It is recommended to start Uplay as an Admin.
Just: Uplay -> right click -> run as administrator

It could also help to verify the game data:

1. Start Uplay
2. Look for Anno 1800 Open Beta on "Games" (1)
3. Open the properties (2)
4. Choose Verify files (3)

Game data or setting don't get saved:
It is possible that the game crashes and game data gets lost. Please be sure your antivirus software allows changes to the folder: C:\Users\Your Name\Documents\Anno 1800 Open Beta\

For example
  • BitDefender:
    Protection -> "Safe Files" -> "Application Access"