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    Operation Oracle is coming to the Wildlands

    More intel arriving on April 30th.

    Stay tuned, Ghosts.
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    Damn, that's about time!
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    I swear to god, if Cole D. Walker is a pun for frozen zombies that we have to fight in Inca Camina...

    However, if this is a cut and paste from Future Soldier "Cold Walker" mission, you guys hopefully fixed the game to allow us to board the trains cruising around the map, or gave us a Hind with better flight controls.

    Just, please, no zombies.
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    I SWEAR! If you add more items to the spec ops loot pool I will be very sad. I almost have the MK18! Only 51 legendaries left...
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    I've got 12 legendaries left in the spec ops crates, what happens when I got them all?
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    Originally Posted by SapperDaddy39 Go to original post
    I've got 12 legendaries left in the spec ops crates, what happens when I got them all?

    nothing you wont be able to get any other crate whey you get everything from them and if you get em via activities or opening enough prestige crates you will get credits (blue)
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    Get The Activity on this case, we need more intel...
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    Anyone has any hints of what this might be?

    A huge guess and I think I am correct on this, is that this is a follow-up to operation “silent spade”

    If anyone remembers back in the future soldier days in the (raven strike) DLC the second mission in the train depot the reference name “Cole Walker“ which is the same name in the dog tags on the image posted by Ubisoft. That mission was about Uranium and Russian nukes, which is what operation silent spade was based on.

    I’m guessing this is Year 3 content and a follow-up to operations silent spade.

    I wonder what else is Ubisoft going to announce...
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    i hope there was more things to SP story mode( DLC etc), solo player have no benefit on MP mode etc. as the game limited on participating to a solo player
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    Anything I stated previously would be a good thing
    But mostly a checkpoint system for Ghost mode for us "plebs" that have job's, life and other obligations.
    ALSO it has come to my attention taht SILEND SPADE came out slightly after my post so... you can thank me any time (for refference look at #4)

    -"So I sent this directly to UBI and the good lady said I should put this on the forum site... so here I am.

    I was playing GR:W for days now (in Ghost Mode) had lots of fun, but thers some quality of life improvements as well as some questions I have about the shop.

    Ok I know it's a thing nowadays, but when you get SB and UNIDAD on your A$$ its not a lovely thing to die from a ranodm civie slaming into a car you where hiding behind since "he was running for his life" and cost me the WHOEL PROGRESS.
    What I suggest is upon finishing one of the ZONE/Cartel BOSS you get a perma checkpoint that alows you to (if you die) skip the already compleated part so I dont lose all of the progress in the mode; othewise it just buisse work and the playerbase is not Sisyphus. Now I know thers a guy who's gonna be screaming since us normies have a life and cant commit REREREREplaying the same thing I have a solutuion in...

    In Ghost Mode, asside from picking AI's congintive functions aka Difficulty setting, you allow us to pick which parts of GM do we want to activate
    KEEP UNLOCKS (attachments and weapons)
    ... (etc. I'm not payed to make games... yet (OuO)
    speaking of weapons...

    Yes I can deck out my gun, and my charachter, however the MAIN rason I play GM is the fact that I can only use 1 gun (Main gun, without an extra one dangling from my back like an unwanted tumor). What I want is a feature to unequip my weapons (mostly in NORMAL mode but could be used in GM) and just play with my gun or my hands (hey if SPLINTER CELL can do it so can GHOST).
    Now that reminds me...

    #4 CAMEOS
    I love HAWX (arcade flights sims with JETS not WW2 planes), I love Ghost Recon ADW WARFIGHTER and FUTURE SOLIDER... you see where I'm getting at. I know we have FS costume avaliable but unlike 4thECHELON Ghost's are not a single unit,so why not add some of the oldies in the new ones (also it would be cool if 1 player controls a 4man Ghost Team and palyer 2 controls another 4man team, but I'm getting too off topic). Speaking of HAWX however

    #5 HAWX
    Make Haw.... No NO keeping my cool AC7 is on the horizon.
    NO what I want is Airial Support like in the prevous games, just a button on the side that calls a F-15 (or F35 nowadays) to shoot's that dreded SB chopper and drops some bombs on a UNIDAD patrol. NOW to balanse this I was thinking you need to capture a SB luitenet and chose AIR SUPPORT (like the weapons, reble ops, etc) and then you get like 1 Air Attack. Now in addition to use it in mission area you need to destoy the SAM/RADAR site to utilise this thing. In addition as a "flight update" you could give us a reble pilot in a chopper so my Ghost's and me can reppel down from not land every time I need to pick up a compressor for my gun (you know like real soliders) pathing for a chopper is preaty much automatic FLY in a streight line, drop over the waypoint, wait till signaled for pickup (simmilar to a ceritan stealth game GRW is inspired by *caughMGScaugh*). ALSO GUN I WANT TO USE A HELIS GUN BUT CANT SINCE I'm ALWAYS PILOTING."-
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