Hey, all!

The Spring Games continue, and the fourth challenge of the Community Competition is live! You can find it on the Roadmap, and below:

Challenge 4:

“Moonlight Sonata”
World 3 – Chapter 8 – Battle 1


  • Survive 8 turns
  • No techniques
  • No secondary weapons
  • All heroes alive at the end of the battle
  • No extra-health mode

We hosted a live QA session on the Community Discord on April 9th, but if you missed it, here are some of the things we discussed:

Do we have to survive until 8 turns or under 8 turns?
You have to survive for 8 turns, but the 8th turn could be the one you use to complete the challenge. So, for example: If you survive for 7 turns then move to the completion area on the 8th turn, that would count! Remember, whatever you do, finish the battle once you've survived 8 turns!

How do you beat the level right before the final boss? It's crazy!
"What I did was focus on the lava healers first, and make use of both Luigi and Rabbid Peach's sentries. You have the right team comp in my opinion! Save your M Power for situations where you can do multiple dashes on multiple enemies together as they're grouped at points in the fights." - Ubi Stature

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