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    My pickup is set too high?

    Hey there good people of Rocksmith forums!

    A bit of backstory. Bought My Epiphone Les Paul Custom about a year ago from its previous owner. The guitar sounds great and all never had any issues with it but I did notice having my switch flipped up, it was kinda super quiet. As I'm not super experienced with these things, i shrugged it out to it being like that intentionally.

    Fast forward to yesterday, my professional guitarist of a cousin asked me to come around a bit so we can check out the eachother's guitars, and jam a bit. I was able to play a few songs outta my mind and he played along by his ear and was surprised about how well Rocksmith teaches you technics and everything but noted that I should work on my ability to play without the program.

    Anyhow, I show him my guitar and he's he likes it, jams on it a bit (I bet my guitar was so happy to be in such experienced hands lol) and then he says: "Hmm, your pickup is way too high,this doesnt sound right..." He played around by switching between pickups with the switch and said that flipping it up makes it waaaaaaaayy too quiet. Suggested i balance it out manually, ask around to see whats the corrrect height for the instrument.

    So here i am, asking JUST that. Is it too high? What is supposed to be the correct height?


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    There is no right answer here. Check out some youtube video's etc on how to adjust the pickup height. Typically closer to the strings is going to be louder.

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    Flipping the switch up selects the neck pick up which could explain why it's more quiet than that high bridge pickup. Setting pickup height is super easy - all you need is a screwdriver & a ruler. I'm surprised you cousin didn't help you. Google "Epiphone pickup height", there's tons of info out there. Good luck.
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