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    Looking for people to play AC3 MP with me!

    Hello! I'm looking for people who would want to play AC3 MP with me, the reason why I'm playing MP is for achievements and I'm looking for like-minded people who would want to do them too. Since I don't like playing with random people in-game, I'm looking at you guys. If you're interested, please add me:)
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    Hello, I'm interested.

    Here is my pseudo : Pixel_Lancelot.
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    Hey I'm intrested to play ac3
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    Hi, im interested too in the multiplayer achievements
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    Are any of you on ps3? I can't manage to get a social chest! Apparently you have to add people on Uplay.
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    I’m on PS3 and looking for ppl to play MP with.

    PSN is ezistevie28
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