Hey guys, this time I show you a 5 man strat on how to Attack Basement on the map Oregon with the operators: Hibana, Thatcher, Capitao, Sledge and Zofia in Rainbow Six Siege Burnt Horizon.

This is a strat we have used in ESL many times in the past and although fairly simple and nothing extraordinary, it still remains one of the most consistent Attacking strats I have ever used.

The basic idea is Hibana and Thatcher drone in Sledge and Zofia from the West side. Once Dining and Kitchen are clear, they then take control of upstairs. Meanwhile, Capitao is pinning down the corridor from Lobby to Kitchen via Garage, to stop anyone from rotating back into Kitchen from Meeting or Basement.

As soon as Dorms is all clear Sledge uses his Hammer to enter Attic and then uses the hatch in Attic to gain control of Meeting and cover the flank. I also show you how to get a free kill onto Mira in Closet from Master Bed.

Once you have finished your roam clear and the flank is covered Hibana and Thatcher can get the hatch open and then plant on the Laundry Machine. Capitao will flame behind the Mirror Window from Lobby hatch aswell as Smoke it off.

Finally, the defuser is covered from Lobby hatch whilst also watching Lobby stairs and the Meeting flank.