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    [Spoilers] Tainted angels

    Okay, I know it's just a game, but I couldn't help noticing that the Starlink crew aren't the heroes they think they are.

    1. Atlas was destabilized by the arrival of the Equinox and the abduction of St. Grand. Prior to that, there were no extractors, primes, or dreadnoughts, because nobody in Atlas knew how to make Nova. The crew is all, "We're the good guys; we're here to stop Grax and the Legion," but what they're really doing (yet never acknowledge) is trying to clean up the mess that St. Grand made. [Correction: there were some old extractors. You eliminate the only one on Kirite during the opening, there are a few on Haven and Tundria, and Vylus and the Dark Sector have a bunch. But there are no primes to create more and no dreadnoughts to create primes.]

    2. St. Grand's failure to share the Nova formula with anyone -- not even with Mason -- means that Team Grax can create Nova but Starlink can't. Starlink is forced to scrounge uncorrupted Nova. [On review, depending on how you interpret some of the dialog, Judge might know how to create Nova. But if you were to ask him, I suspect you'd get only a blank stare.] [St. Grand's secrecy is puzzling; during the opening cut-scene Levi gets reminded that "nobody is supposed to know," presumably about the Equinox's mission.]

    [Added] 2a. St. Grand had met with Shaid in Alcyone before going to Atlas. St. Grand certainly was aware that Atlas was a lawless place -- he was dealing with an outlaw. He might have learned from Shaid that Atlas was starved for Nova yet chose to go in there anyway. If so, the piracy of the reactor core shouldn't have been a surprise. Perhaps this explains St. Grand's secrecy, although if he'd shared with Razor, she certainly would've launched patrol flights as soon as they arrived in Atlas and wouldn't have sent everyone off to help Shaid. Shaid didn't believe in the existence of Grax, so that issue isn't on the table.

    3. The only renewable source of uncorrupted Nova is from the new Nova-powered Legion machinery: extractors, primes, and dreadnoughts. If the player becomes too ambitious about eliminating those early on, it can become hard to scrounge enough Nova to deal with all of the Equinox upgrades and the Mod Foundry. Consequently, it's almost necessary to allow one or more dreadnoughts to continue creating primes for quite some time, even though that's not in the best interest of the Atlas system.

    4. After the player finally chooses to eliminate the third dreadnought, the Atlas system returns to its pre-Equinox state with no more extractors, primes, or dreadnoughts being created. Arguably it's even more peaceful due to the creation of the Alliance, the rehabilitation of abandoned facilities, the destruction of some Outlaw bases, and the spreading of armories. But then the Starlink team goes after Grax, and that brings about a permanent cycle of dreadnought creation, which, left unchecked, means more primes and extractors. Atlas can never return to the relative peace it once (twice) knew.

    5. The Starlink team continues receiving tribute -- electrum from the Prospectors and mods from the Expedition -- even when it already has far more than it'll ever need.

    6. After refusing to allow Dr. Thorn to deal with the Swarm by using Judge, the Starlink crew's solution for dealing with the Swarm is by using Judge. [Correction: on reviewing the cut-scene, it's Judge who chooses to assimilate the Swarm into himself.]

    We're the good guys? Not really. St. Grand is personally to blame for enabling Grax, but the player and the Starlink crew make a few morally ambiguous choices. Oh, and the game design doesn't provide any way to shut off the tribute, so that one's on Ubisoft.

    Now I should find something important to worry about.
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    A lot of good points. I was hoping for a way to turn electrum into nova at some point to offset the abundance of electrum and relative scarcity of nova.

    The only way to stop the tributes is to have 4 observatories to view the planet and turn the rest into armories, No more refineries and mod factories that way. I currently have 80 million electrum and more mods than I could ever use.

    Also disappointed that the update didn't include new types of mods.
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    Originally Posted by ALPHA GAROU Go to original post
    I was hoping for a way to turn electrum into nova at some point to offset the abundance of electrum and relative scarcity of nova.
    The Crimson Moon update provided one [very small] new renewable source of Nova: the Tier 5 Outlaw Store will sell you 1 Nova in return for 10,000 electrum and 200 cogs. Woohoo! One Nova! The 10,000 electrum is nothing, but collecting 200 cogs takes a while.

    I currently have 80 million electrum and more mods than I could ever use.
    The good news is that you can now liquidate the mods you don't need, and you can liquidate all of a given type of mod at one go. The bad news is that when you liquidate (dismantle) mods, you're paid in electrum that you also don't need. You get 100 for Level I, 250 for Level II, 500 for Level III, 1000 for Level IV, 2400 for Level V, 5000 for Warden Relic, so it's not like your electrum coffers are going to overflow much more than they already are.

    By the way, at least on the Switch, the largest amount of electrum that will display is 999,999,999. But apparently the program does keep track of how many electrum you really have. It briefly shows every time you collect new electrum.

    Would I could buy DLC with electrum!

    Also disappointed that the update didn't include new types of mods.
    Myself, I dunno what I'd do with more types of mods. My head already swims when I'm at a workshop, perusing their mod menu.

    By my count, there are 9 kinds of cores, 13 kinds of armors, 15 kinds of boosters, 11 kinds of ammo, and 14 kinds of amplifiers. Plus 5 special Arwing mods, and 7 Warden Relics. I think that adds up to 74 in total. Sometimes I think, "Gah, I'll just load everything up with Alliance mods. They're so ridiculously expensive, they've gotta be the best, yeah?" It's not like I can't afford them. I'm a billionaire (electrum-wise).
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