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    Am I the only one that thinks the ingame chat need a rework (UI colors)


    Maybe I am frustrated because once more friends complain on me because they are sending me messages.
    I think purple isn't the best color, at least I can't read those messages. My contacts either, mostly I IM them and no reply, no reply because people can't see/read when I IM them.

    @ubi, can you please find a better way to avoid the flood of messages? There's a hundred of stuff happening on the chat, loot, and chat altogether. Different colors I don't think it's pratical. Maybe as possible suggestion:

    * change UI the colors (please purple is terrible) - Why not loot in purple and IM white? Why players IM in chat has the worst color evar?
    * ingame messages (loot) should be in a different place than the social messages (clan and general chat).
    * or at least has a warning when someone chat's with you, leave a purple line between 300 items I've looted it's a nightmare.

    Most of times gamers are too busy to read all the lines to see if there's a IM or not.

    Let me know if I am the only one.
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    for the record - started this issue on this post https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.ph...-of-UI-bgcolor no feedback whatsoever.
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    You're not. But we've also been asking for language filters or segregation since Division 1. It's just not a priority for them.
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