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    Viewpoint music bug on Assassin's creed iii remastered

    When i syncronize a viewpoint, the music of the viewpoint is still playing on the background and it stops when i fast travel or restart the game .
    I hope this issue will be fixed.
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    Ubi-Baron's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff EMEA
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    Thanks for reporting this, Georswag123

    We are aware of this issue occurring and it's been passed on to the team to be looked into.
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    Thanks for the information.
    Can you tell me please when the update file will be released ?
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    Veiw point issue

    Yea same here the view point music keeps playing loop and none of the fighting music comes back unless restarted or fast travel...perfect remastef justthat issue is really annoying
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    Hi guys! I do not have an update about this issue at this time. The workaround we have is to quit and close the game, then restart and load your save game. It should stop the audio from looping.
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    Synchronization music bug STILL happening - 4/27/20

    Almost a year later and still no fix for the music bug? I am extremely disappointed with the support for this remaster. Unacceptable.
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    Please fix this

    I love this game and it’s music so it really kills the mood not getting to listen to the correct music for a cutscene or fight
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    I paid good money

    To think this big issue has been around for a year really blows
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    Game Breaking


    This bug is gamebreaking. One of the many reasons AC3 remained close to my heart was its music. I want to re-experience what I felt back in 2012, but this glitch, while maybe unimportant to some, is incredibly important to me. Please, please, please fix this!
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    Hey guys,

    As mentioned above, the workaround we have is to quit and close the game, then restart and load your save game. This should stop the audio from looping.

    At present, there are no other title updates planned for the AC-3 Remaster.

    Apologies for the inconvenience.
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