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    "Ghost Ship" Peg Leg mission freezes every time

    As the title says, I'm currently trying to do the "Ghost Ship" Peg Leg mission...but it keeps freezing before I reach the ship.

    After I do the little obstacle course over the water etc., I get to the final "get on the ship objective." Four times in a row now my game freezes as Connor runs over the top of the ice "hill" to board the ship, or as he runs along the ice at the bottom to start climbing to board the ship. I shut down my Ps4 (Pro), send an error report, restart...Connor moves ten feet and the game freezes again.

    I really enjoyed the Peg Leg missions, so I don't want to skip them, and I've already done the prison fort one, so I hate to just skip them, but I'm getting really frustrated!
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    Hi sidgirl. Sorry to hear you're unable to complete this mission. I recommend trying these steps, especially rebuilding databases. Hopefully this resolves the issue, if not and you are able to duplicate the result, please provide me with video. Thanks!
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    "Ghost Ship" Peg Leg mission freezes every time

    same issue in my pc my game's just keep crashing when i load the game from title screen
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