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    I played the remastered ToKW for the first time last night on PS4 pro and had exactly this happen to me. I tried everything suggested but every time it still froze on that cutscene, so I had to do what CentaurAsh said and skip the cutscene before it froze, then look it up on YouTube to see what I missed.

    Honestly, itís unbelievable that after a year of Ubi being aware of this issue, they still havenít bothered to patch a fix for it! Showing an absolutely disgraceful lack of care or support for your customers Ubi - you were clearly more bothered about your latest IP and just wanted to get this remaster out the door to tick a box for the season pass holders, and then youíve left it to die.
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    Hey there, Iím aware this is far after your initial post but I had the same problem with resetting and showing 0% because the game chose to put my save in slot 3 which is bugged and will always reset to 0%. The other two slots however are perfectly normal as I am aware. Leave the broken save in slot 3 to stop your new save from going to slot 3. Hope that helps!
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