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    Can't see chats, send, or receive invites.

    This morning me and my friend decided we were gonna play some For Honor, but when we got on neither of us were able to send or receive invites, and both of our chat sections in Uplay were completely empty, and we couldn't start new ones. We both tried restarting the game, Uplay, and our computers, but nothing worked. ATM we still can't invite or send messages, we can't create groups, we can't start new chats. We can both go into matches normally, but Uplay just isn't working. I noticed a similar problem happen in in this thread: https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.ph...nnality-bugged
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    +1 Same again ...
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    Hey guys,

    This is an issue that we are aware of and have been looking into.

    You can see our thread on this here
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    unable yo open messages

    for me still not working, when my friend log in with his account there are no issue, but still I have the same problem, I thing there is a problem with my account
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    M.O.Z.A.R.T.: Hi there, M.O.Z.A.R.T.! Can you tell me what steps you have already attempted at this time? I don't want to have you do anything you've already tried.
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