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    Same issue

    Originally Posted by eTurtl Go to original post
    I recently grabbed Watch_Dogs for free on the Epic Games Store. I have been unable to access any of the online multiplayer content. For example, upon trying to join an online activity (e.g. 2-8 player racing) from within the online contracts app, I receive an error popup: "The Ubisoft service is not available. Please try again later."

    someone told me that, i downloaded it from Steam, online working fine ...

    idk, this trouble from the ( epic games ) and (uplay) or not ..
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    ggs its over
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    This is probably THE worst server experience i've ever had.

    Really Ubisoft? I loved WD1 on PS4, and the online worked fine. Now that your ****ty PR team thought 'hEy, LeT's GiVe SoMe FrEe BrOkEn CoPiEs AwAy", you're getting a community backlash. Congrats. AND NO, NOBODY WANTS TO FOLLOW YOUR TROUBLE****TING BECAUSE GUESS WHAT? IT DOESN'T WORK. So either fix this or there's gonna be a hell of a lot more people telling their friends about this, and people are gonna want to use your platform even less. Good luck Ubifuck.
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    Yeah same here. Also UNO doesn't work and yes, I have freaking opened all the possible ports and flushed taht freaking DNS and nothing works.
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    I'm done...

    everybody Is experiencing issues, The articles aren't helping, The moderators aren't helping there just saying create a ticket or read the articles, I've also seen people replying the exact same issue I have (joining Online free roam and it gives an error "Ubisoft servers are unavailable please try again later.") FROM 2 DAMN WEEKS AGO is this how bad Ubisoft servers are now? like ANDALE PEOPLE GET THE SERVERS UP NOW! I am gonna check Uno and I swear if the servers are down for that too, Ubisoft GET YOUR CRAP TOGETHER Like omg JUST FIX THE SERVERS.
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    been 64 hours and no response on my ticket
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    Steam and EGS have the same problem

    I saw your thread stating that if you download from Steam its going to be different, i recently purchased the complete edition and its also not working so its not only EGS but Steam version is encountering the same problem
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    Same issue

    Originally Posted by nofacegamer06it Go to original post
    i did everything and still got the same problem
    same issue ...
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    Actually i think they have finally fixed the servers, it works for me now (got it free from Epic games store)
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