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    Is Deanna Still Alive?

    If you go through one of the new audio files in Layla's database, one of them is from Otso Berg demanding she hand-over the Assassin team's findings on Atlantis or he'd kill one of Layla's "former Abstergo colleagues", before calling Layla "Habibti", the Arabic term for "sweetheart" she would call Deanna Geary, a member of the Abstergo Medical Team who was assigned to work with her during the events of Origins. Deanna was assumed to be killed by Sigma Team during the location raid against them when Layla refused to report their findings on Bayek in Present Day Egypt. However, Layla makes no reference to Deanna at all in Odyssey and now we have this vague implication. Not only that, but even the wiki acknowledges that the way her character was "disposed-of" was left uncertain.

    Am I reading too much into this? Or do you think it may be a hint that Deanna is still alive and possible being kept prisoner by Abstergo?
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    I thought that she had truly died in Origins, but who knows. She could still be alive and a prisoner of Abstergo.
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    As I heard this audio file I think this to that she maybe still alive.

    I find it bad that we don't had more interactions with this character in origins, we talk to her a few times and that's it you can't even care for Deanna because you barley know her.

    I think it would be a cool mission when we must save her from Abstergo but I don't trust Ubisoft at this point. Origins introduce Layla in Assassins creed than we had a big time skip to Odyssey and suddenly she ist the leader of an assassin group and in London. We never she her how she meets her new team mates or become an Assassin. Maybe the handle this story Arc in the comics like the other who knows.

    I would be happy to see more of the modern day in the fate of Atlantis dlc.
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    Well that didn't age well. Turned out to be one of the most hated characters in the series.
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