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    AC Liberation Remastered: Reversed audio bug

    I just started Liberation Remastered today on PS4. Now, I know absolutely zero French, but it sounds like the NPC audio is playing in reverse. Has anyone else experienced this?

    It is not all NPC audio either. Some of it is normal. I guess there are different layers depending on Aveline’s location and persona (I think typified by the volume of a particular track). The audio from the physically closer NPCs, like those who greet or sneer at her, is normal. Whichever track is the most background (and quietest) is what’s playing backward.

    I had a similar issue yesterday in AC3 Remastered when I arrived in New York in Sequence 8. All the NPC audio played in reverse for about 20 seconds then went quiet as I walked away from the area. The next time I heard it (after a few cutscenes and bouts of open conflict), it was normal.

    I’m not sure what can be done to fix this, but I’m just wondering if other players have experienced audio issues like this.
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    Hello ajmathluver,

    First off, welcome to the forums! Thank you for reporting this issue to us. I am going to move this to the Support forum, so our Support team can investigate further.
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