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    Originally Posted by FRANK_JAMES403 Go to original post
    This is a nice step forward thank you UBI for listening to our feedback
    No worries, our player's feedback is very important to us!
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    Dear Ubi-Mark,

    Many thanks for this change. It makes the game feel better and the weapons Look more structured and detailed. If there will be a future Update to change this with an Option it would be perfect

    But for now many thanks for hearing US! 🙂
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    Finally excellent thank you Ubi team! Just re-installed and the blur has gone!!! And well done people on here keeping this topic alive
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    There is still a slightly blur effect on the character and not fully removed yet but still better than before hope they will add it on console the depth of field option, by the way agents check out this video that player had no blur effect at all in this video on the PS4 pro I didnít no what he did to remove it but only in this video in his other videos he have it back so I donít no if there is a fix like before doing photo mod but anyways thanks for fixing it for console players and hope it will be removed completely

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    Just noticed the blurry over the shoulder bug is back. Think it started on the latest apparel event? I'm on a ps4 pro.
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    The best way to solve this is to add an Option for depth of field! Cmon ubisoft please give US the Option du adjust and disable it and everyone wins!
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    All details blurry

    Weapon and armor skins, graffiti and small print, trees and grass are blurry. I'm on xbox one and it just happened after a few days into the game. RealFunkyJunky is my gamertag. I'd submit a video but dont know how lol.
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