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    Kenly College Metro Station Military Server

    While play the silo mission when I die the levers will not open back up after I respaun. I have to completely go back the white house and start over to get them to reset. I play solo and did not have this issue on Xbox.
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    I just realized I posted about this on the PC forum when I'm playing on PS4 (google search led me to PC first).

    But my original post is here:

    With other complaints here for the same issue (just on PC instead):

    So platform doesn't seem to make any difference. I'll link this thread in the PC threads for reference.
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    Still happening in game and brought it up to the Community Manager Anthony on live stream for more exposure. Hopefully it'll be resolved soon? ��
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    Hey guys,

    Thank you for the reports on this.

    Just to confirm we are aware of this issue, and it's currently being looked into by the team.
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    Thank you, the response is much appreciated. <3
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