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    What you would like to see in this game

    I'm fifteen right now so when I first played this game I was very young and the first game is incredibly filled with nostalgia. I have played it multiple times (maybe 14-18 times) and I absolutely love it. Im so excited to play bge2 when it comes out and I have a few ideas that I would like to present.

    I would personally love to see:
    The camera back in action
    Pearl collecting
    Lots of races (as in people)
    Races, (with vehicles) maybe even against other players online or on the same console/device
    Guns and other types of weapons (it would be cool if you could make your own and customize them a bit too)
    A story with some messed up stuff like the kidnapping in the first game, I feel like this would get the players more invested and attached to the story.
    I also feel like the music and sound effects of the first game were extremely important to the whole vibe and I really hope that bge2 succeeds in doing that again.

    Those are just some of the ideas that I have and I would love to hear everyone else's ideas!
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    Originally Posted by Lyogron Go to original post

    • a full game that doesn't reserve extras, clothing, story, and gameplay for future DLC, other editions or microtransactions

    100,000% agree!!! This is undoubtedly the most import aspect that BGE2 dev team must take care of, specially for all those fans who waited patiently since 2003 for a sequel...
    In these times where exists this extremely awful trend to publish half baked games (particularly AAA games), almost beta versions, that are later patched to fix all the things they could amend in development period, its imperative to release a game as if it was 10 years ago: the most complete and stable version possible.
    Only after the game was delivered in that way, the Dev team can put their efforts in create additional content to provide more stuff for the players and attract more customers.

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    World Building

    1. I would love to see fully fleshed out systems including trading, treasure hunting, bounties, thievery (general piracy), put into a universe that is active and changing around you. 2. Worlds or Universe that puts quality over quantity. Too many space games (hmph hmph No Man's Sky) randomly generate worlds or cities without putting a personal and thematic difference into each one. 3. Ships that have character to each one, rather than just than a simple jump from a better ship to the next better ship. Almost as if each ship has a back story or requires more than just coin to acquire (Millennium Falcon has depth to it). 4. A crew that is manageable, useful and has a deep system implemented.
    P.S. One of my favorite parts of adventure or rpg games is when the developers introduce a system that feels fleshed out rather than just a gimmick.
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    For me as long as it's full of random encounters (something you could seek in Freelancer while wandering in the main highways, or like in Red Dead Redemption with smaller stories and situations happening in roads or offroad that you could avoid by leaving/escaping; or even in Baldur's Gate 2 going between areas); that it allows free exploration (remembering the concept of Possibility Spaces from Will Wright back in 2006 on Wired, when he made some sort of overview of his perspective of what his games (Simcity, Sims, Spore) allowed beyond the boundaries of the rules set by the gamemaker, something you can also percieve with Foucault's Heterotopies & Heterocronies). Stuff like exploring even empty terrains (remembering areas in Morrowind), and journalist / detective work a-la-Tintin... then i'll be fullfilled with it.
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    This is what I would like to see.
    • A great adventure with an emphasis on storytelling.
    • New addictive unexploited and interesting combat system.
    • Living game world.
    • A great graphic style.
    • Adult world, but with a fairytale accent. I do not mean childish but with a moral and thoughts.
    • New ideas.
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    Vibrant life

    I would like to see and feel a sense of detailed historical backgrounds for as many planets and cities. And hopefully more can be added in the form of downloads making the game endless in a sense . I mean you have an incredible opportunity in the form of the engine powering the game that not to make a total Immersion into this universe possible is depressing already . I have not anticipated a game more since the division 1 and I am looking forward to this game more than the division sequel ! If done correctly this could be the literal game changer in the world of gaming . And if done correctly a massive hit in every sense of the word. Please go the extra mile and when you feel you have done enough do more lol. Love your company and love your games sincerely Rickyrpg007
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    i can agree with all of that. and i ´d like to see, the same quality ingame like the trailers #nodowngrades
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    Honestly if we’re talking about pirates then the one true aspect everyone fantasizes about being a pirate is to attack and board other ships. If I had my way it would be other player controlled ships. Also just to spice things up a class system so players forming their own crews have distinct jobs and roles to play on that crew I.e. mechanic, soldier, medic, etc. A ranking system for that crew to offer bonuses for members depending on their rank (captain, first mate, etc) would be cool too.
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    Character Customization

    I hope the character customization is fairly elaborate. Particularly to be able to choose your age, like I'd love to make a character like the creepy goth girl in the BGAE home page art.
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    I did not play the first part, but the video from the presentation hooked me

    First of all, I'm a fan of many cosmic games, because cosmos is dream, and cinematic graphic for me is a little bit important, so it would be great if we will see the same what we saw at e3.
    Then I think the idea with changing world is very cool, this might be like in NMS or like in the fortnight, where world chaning every week.
    Also this game potentially can change part of players from elite: dangerous and give many of us what waiting from star citizen. Rly.
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