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    AC III DELUXE EDITION steam does not refund me what should I do?

    like the others who bought ac iii deluxe edition from steam, I have the same key activation issue.

    I activated the key on Uplay app but the app asked me to activate the key so I did it again and it says the key is already activated.

    So, I created a ticket and Ubisoft told me they will investigate the issue. So, today I got replay from Ubisoft.

    Ubisoft told me to request the refund from steam. I did so but steam REFUSED the refund request

    saying " We will not be granting a refund at this time. The date of the purchase exceeds 2 weeks (our refund policy maximum). "

    What should I do now ?
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    Best bet would probably be to send them proof of the Ubi support ticket (and the time they took to get back to you) and hope that someone's feeling sympathetic...
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    Problem solved

    So I consulted with Ubisoft about the problem and they told me to ask Steam for the refund .

    since I bought the game from steam. I talked about the issue with steam and I showed steam the evidence

    steam gave me the refund for the game and gave me the standard edition of the game for free.

    If you just ask steam for the refund for the game that you purchased longer than two weeks

    steam macro program will automatically refuse your request just because the purchase date is more than 2 weeks

    no matter what issue you have.

    So, you have to talk with a steam worker in person.

    To do so, on steam,

    go to accont details => view purchase history => choose your purchase of assassins' creed 3

    => click 'I have a question about this purchase' => and now you can talk about your issue to a steam worker

    attach files of the evidence of your issue such as the key requirement screen at which you are stuck

    that will help
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