Hey, all!

The Spring Games continue, and the third challenge of the Community Competition is live! You can find it on the Roadmap, and below:

Challenge 3:

World 3 – Chapter 6 – Battle 1


  • Finish in 1 turn
  • Use the imposed team: Mario, Peach and Rabbid Luigi
  • All heroes alive at the end of the battle
  • No extra-health mode

We hosted a live QA session on the Community Discord on April 2nd, but if you missed it, here are some of the things we discussed:

Any prediction on what the new challenge is?
Yes! You'll find details above, or on the Roadmap. As for other, future challenges, those are top secret at the moment!

Who would win in a fight: Rabbid Kong or Mega Dragon Bowser?
"Likely Rabbid Kong, in my humble opinion. You see, the thing about Rabbid Kong is that his size begets his amazing agility. Not to mention his forearms are huge, this means using his agility and his huge forearms, he could perform a lariat that would nearly take someone's head off." - Ubi Stature

Do failures of the challenges affect entries in any way?
Nope, you can fail as many times as you like, as long as you complete the challenge eventually! Some of the challenges are a little tricky, so we appreciate they'll take a few test runs!

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