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    Dear Rocksmith 2014 dev team

    Please please please add support for Microsoft direct x12 as all people with windows 10 cannot play the game since the OS forces dx12 and is not compatible with the only supported shader of the game DX9. In addition to that can you please add support to the RTX series of graphics cards. I upgraded to an RTX 2080 SPECIFICALLY to play your games especially Rocksmith and I am very disappointed to find out I cannot do so. Lastly, if you can add support to 21:9 monitors people with ultrawide monitors like myself and many many other people on the forum would really appreciate it. My resolution is 3440x1440 and the maximum res currently supported is only 1920x1080 so if I were able to launch the game I would receive large black bars on the side of my screen ultimately vastly decreasing the emersion while playing your games. Thank you as I know the support and developer teams care about your customers and people like myself cannot play games such as Rocksmith 2014 with these technicalities due to the datedness of the game and supported settings available.
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    I play the game fine on Windows 10.

    But yes, I only use 1920x1080 res, since that is what my flat screen TVs support anyways.
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