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    I'm on the Xbox 1.
    According to another forum I found online, it helps to try restarting your game. This only semi worked for me as a few of my shops registered as open, compared to none of them pre restart.
    Something I noticed is that sometimes the map will show you shops in an area you're not currently in. I.E., if you're in Davenport, sometimes accessing the map will show you the Boston shops (it usually doesn't which is what makes this weird) and they'll say that you've visited the shop (not really, but it makes the icon solid white and it doesn't say 'not visited').
    The last queer thing I noticed was that it creates imaginary shops. According to my game, I've unlocked 7 shops in Boston. I understand 3 shops and maybe a few peddlers, but 7? No way; there isn't that many.
    I was still able to get the Monopoly Man achievement (trophy for PlayStation) but not the Courier Des Bois achievement, no matter how many pelts I've sold.
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    I Know this is late but just finished the game and I hope this info helps someone else...

    1. It is only a cosmetic error(I had the same "not visited icon on all my general stores) but if you visit the 3 general stores in Boston, Frontier and NY and sell one "undamaged" pelt each (I sold one hare pelt in each store - hunt with the hidden blade to guarantee its undamaged plus before clicking sell it will say the pelt is in perfect condition on the screen). Do this and you will get the Courier Des Bois trophy.

    2. I saw some people mention the Frontiersmen challenge "Visit every tavern in the same 3 locations" - This achievement can be done too as taverns are not the general store but they are the pubs and you can find them by looking for the "dice" icon in each area. I suggest typing the task in YouTube and following a guide so as not to miss any.

    I hope this helps anyone who has been struggling with this cosmetic issue.

    Happy Trophy Hunting!!
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    Stores visited turn into store not visited

    When I buy and sell stuff in a store I have not yet been the icon on the maps turn from store to store not visited. This results in me having only two merchants to trade with. Can you fix this problem?
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