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    [AC Liberation Remastered] No sound

    I launched AC 3 Remastered without no problems, but when I tried to play AC Liberation I had no voices coming out. When I went to see the audio options, there was only one option available "undefined"

    I tried to verify the files, but it did not resolve the issue.
    I don´t know if its related, but I am originally trying to play on brazilian portuguese and when I open the game, I always receive a message warning me that I lost connection to the Ubisoft servers, even though my internet is working perfectly.

    I would be really happy if someone can help me with this
    Thanks in advance
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    Pelo que eu vi você fala português né? Hoje de manhã tive o mesmo problema que o seu e ontem a noite eu joguei sem problemas. Nas cutscenes não sai o aúdio e quando vou nas opções aparece igual ao seu e pior que ainda trava o jogo voltando para o desktop. Espero que a Ubisoft resolva isso.
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    [AC Liberation Remastered] No sound coming out from the characters

    I have de exactly same issue. And I am playing it in July btw, some months after the game launcher. Hope the Ubisoft team fix this annoying bug.
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