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    Voices of NPC very low volume

    I'm playing on PC. All the updates for AC 3 Remastered downloaded.

    The voices of the NPCs around me are very low. If an NPC is not right next to me their voices are inaudible. I brought this up right when AC 3 Remastered came out but can't find the post anymore.

    Audio for NPCs in missions is fine. But any NPC audio outside of missions is very low volume. E.g. when I approach soldiers, what they say is very low volume. Also the people around me that complain if I do something are the same low volume and inaudible when I am more than 1 meter or so from them. Would love to hear what they say.

    Is this issue planned to be fixed at sometime?
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    the only npcs whose volume is fine are the town criers or advertisers. the NPCs who stand in the street and announce stuff.

    I tried with both speakers and headset, with latest drivers. No difference. This issue might be across platform and not just on PC.
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    Hey, Randelia!

    Thank you for this report. We are aware of this issue and it is being investigated by the dev team. At the moment I am unable to provide a timeframe for when it will be resolved, rest assured we are aware of this and are working to get it resolved ASAP.

    Thank you for your support with the game.
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    thank you very much for your answer, Ubi-Viral. Great to hear it will be fixed
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    So, I am having this problem now. Was this ever fixed??
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