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    I am attempting to play on a PC with a DS4 controller via 8bitdo adapter. I did some tests with the calibration tool, and saw that my R2 trigger was not registering at 100%. When I adjusted where my finger was on the trigger and pulled harder ... it appeared to hit 100%. I repeated the trigger pull in game, and it appeared that i was able to get connor to start sprinting (confirmed by rescuing Terry without hitting the water). Note that the harder trigger pull is not something i'd be able to perform for an extended period of time.

    I recommend that you lower the threshold for what constitutes a full trigger pull (maybe down to 80 or 90%).
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    Watched some youtube videos, and it's a known problem that the triggers can get worn out over time. The right trigger is particularly prone to this, because it's used in a lot of games. You can repair the damage with a little bit of tape. I just did this and Connor is now sprinting in game (unknown how long this fix will work though).

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    Hey guys! If you are still having these issues, can you answer these questions?

    . Can you confirm which PS4 Dual Shock controller you are using? (Original version with no light bar on touch pad) (New Pro version with light bar on touch pad)
    . Do you have a PS4 or PS4 Pro?
    . Do you have a digital or disc version of the game?
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    Model: CUH-ZCT1U
    I am playing on PC (digital copy)
    I was able to "fix" it by physically opening the controller and using some tape on the damaged silicon.
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    Standard Ps4, Original controller, Digital copy.

    Same as @e8bitMike when I connected my DS4 to my pc the controller calibration shows that R2 and L2 are not registering at 100% as these buttons degrade over use/time. As a temporary fix I have switched the R1 and R2 buttons from PS4's accessibility settings and Connor now full sprints. Seems like the easy patch would be to lower the threshold of the sprint action or increase the sensitivity on the input side.
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    Is there a fix yet for this problem? the game isn't fun, if you don't even stand a chance of finishing a sequence. It is as if Achilles walks faster than Connor 'sprints' in this game.
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    Iím playing Liberations right now and noticed Aveline was not sprinting as well. In fact Elise beat me to the randevu point when I had to race her. I also tried ACIII, Rogue, and Black Flag. All of the characters would NOT sprint! Canít be my DualShock 4 because I just bought a new one over a month ago. I was able to get full synchronization during that part by adjusting the accessibility setting for my controller by changing R2 to L2. Iím assuming this is a bug, just like the snow...Also is there a way to remove the skip button (circle) during cut scenes? I like taking screenshots of my games. Iím playing a digital copy of AC III/Liberation Remastered on a regular PS4 with the light on standard for my DualShock 4.
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