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    Warning: Do not buy this game - You'll be stuck at the end of Act 1

    First, let me say that YES, I did open a support case with Ubisoft and they were zero help.

    After reinstalling the game two times, deleting files, and doing everything suggested, I am unable to progress past Act 1. Normally, I would think there was something wrong on my end, but these forums posts beg to differ:


    Doing research, it seems like in the past, the activation server was actually down at Ubisoft. There was at least one patch made just to address this (guessing the server was moved to a new IP or something silly).

    The server is currently down and support is no help. Unless you edit an XML file, there is no getting past Act 1. I finally gave up and just edited the XML file, but who knows what else will be busted for me.

    Support is laughable and will ask you for things like a Direct X diag, reinstall the game, etc. Issue is on their end. Do not buy.
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    Sorry to hear about your issues but I got past Act I.
    This is my first time playing MM Legacy, i bought it off Steam on discount.
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