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    I rent a Unix server threw Network Solutions.
    Is it possible to host a dedicated game via this server?

    I have knowledge of PHP, mySQL and other scripting languages.

    If anyone can put their two cents in on this issue I do believe it would be beneficial to all.

    Would it be possable to have a game console via PHP page?

    Are there any tools or utilities available that I missed?

    Server Info:
    Disk Space: 7 MB
    Monthly Data Transfer: 150MB
    I have full access to allow executables.

    (please do not post off topic)
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    You can also setup dedicated Team Speak Servers. You also can setup the PHP driven Dynamic campaigns, you can do a lot, you can mulitple campaigns going. You have plenty of bandwith and space to do these.

    The live dynamic campaigns would be great fun.

    There are several campaign engines to choose from.

    You can either look these up, or hopefully the authors fo these will speak up. I can look for them, and post the names and the links to get the files from.

    The think with dynamic campaigns is you will have to have admins run the campaigns and do the montioring oand maintanance of the files to keep the campaign servers running. You might find that very time consuming and a learning curve. Maybe some teams that have your trust wil want to run the campaigns, but it looks like this wil be a fulltime job unless you have admins that are trustworthy and knowledgable to keep these running smoothly...

    Admins might end up spending more time adminning than flying..

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    You might be able to run Scorched earth:


    there are several more, I believe you can setup..

    maybe you can use Lowengrin's:


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    all that i am aware of , havent tried any of this but someone will come and help you
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    This is great!
    Thank you very much both of you for taking your time to reply.
    All your links and suggestions are very helpful to me.
    I’ll be looking into them this week and will post a follow up if I get things running.
    Again, thanks! Solute!
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    I just chatted with WINEHQ support.
    They said that I can not use WINE if I am using a rented server.
    They stated that my host provider would have to be the ones to install. And I don't see them doing that for me.
    Thanks for the help guys.
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    You can try VMware Server but I've tried it on a 2.8 Ghz dual Xeon and with a single client it timed out. Granted I was running other virtual servers at the time but they were not heavily loaded.

    You will probably need root access to install VMware so if you don't have that, you're hosed with just about anything.

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