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    I got the Sweet Dreams tonight as well. It dropped at 495 No upgraded blue print for me to take it to 500. I did have the upgrade for the visuals to Lullaby which as a bp takes it between 450-500. So i that and the gs of my sweet dreams went down to 487 and is now a lullaby. and i still have no option to upgrade to 500 cuz it has the sweet dream stats.
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    I did pre order the game and have the Lullaby. I got Sweet Dreams at WT5. Used the Lullaby Upgrade change its visuals cuz Lullaby looks cooler then SD. Not only can i now not upgrade to 500 on my Sweet Dreams but i lost gear score on the conversion to it looking like Lullaby. Why is that even a thing. If your just doing a cosmetic change to a gun no stats should switch you should only change the looks.

    I bought the 120 copy of the game on preorder. and play on pc.
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    I did the same thing. I dont understand why it would rename it. My gun rolled a lower gs level then when i got it. The print clearly says its a cosmetic change on it so there should have been no need to rename and re-roll a gun stat's in this situation.
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    Hello everyone!

    Thank you all for you input within this thread, it is much appreciated.

    I have reported the issue regarding no upgrade blueprint for "Sweet Dreams" to the dev team.

    We are also aware that the GS is affected when changing the visuals. Apologies for the inconvenience, this is also being investigated.
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    Originally Posted by UbiSailorScout Go to original post
    Hey guys! If you purchased the blueprint from a vendor and it has since gone missing, that issue is being investigated.

    If you are attempting to purchase/find the blueprint in the first place, can you clarify that? Where have you checked? What level are you?

    I see its being addressed, but figured I'd give as much info as I can, in the hopes to get this resolved as fast as possible.

    I did not get the pre-order.
    I am attempting to find/purchase Blueprint upgrade for SweetDreams.
    Ive checked both vendors at the B.O.O., both settlements, LVL 30 WT5
    Prior to sweet dreams dropping, I bought the BP upgrade for the lullaby while on my brothers session.
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    just got a sweet dreams as well. after 10+ relogs/reboot/ and fast travels, there is no sweet dreams upgrade BP
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    Originally Posted by Itz AdAm Boss Go to original post
    I think the problem may be tied tot he lullaby pre order shotgun because I dropped the sweet dreams then next day went to vendor noticed what I thought was the upgrade BP for the sweet dreams so I bought it an didnt look at it until later which i when I noticed it was a BP for the lullaby shotgun upgrade which is an amazon pre order weapon that I do not have or never had as I didnt pre order through amazon so I cant upgrade my sweet dreams an I Cant aquire a lullaby to use the other BP
    I have the exact same problem. I got the sweet dreams shotgun today and looked for a blueprint, but couldn't find one. I have the blueprints for the Liberty, Lullaby (which I didn't pre-order the game so there is no use for it), Merciless, Pestilence, and The Chatterbox and they are all gear score 500. The only blueprint and part I'm missing is the Nemisis and the Marskman rifle barrel.
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    I´m also missing the Sweet Dreams GS 500 upgrade blueprint.
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    Thanks for the reports guys!
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    I'm also missing the blueprint from the vendors at the BOO for Sweet Dreams Upgrade.
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