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    Battle of Bunker Hill

    I have tried a few times to kill Pitcairn from the flag post technique but the missions ends and says that I was detected, even though I've tried it multiply different ways and don't get detected once in the mission.
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    Battle of Bunker Hill - Pitcairn Suggestion

    Hear me out...

    It sounds like you have the gist of the full sync down, but make sure you do a couple things before assassinating Pitcairn.

    1) Wait until guards are as far away from him and his horse as possible.
    2) Try to make sure they are looking AWAY!

    Even though you're pretty much doing everything else right, how far away the other guards are from Pitcairn DOES make a difference.
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    Hey Tokyo5490,

    Can you try the steps that JohnMarston4339 has suggested?
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