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    Ubisoft Club Weapons not appearing

    I have grabbed the Ubisoft club Weapons from the redeem part of the menu and when I went back to the game the weapons weren't there. I restarted my game and PS4 but I still don't have the weapons. (Btw I'm on sequence 6)
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    I'm having the same Problem
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    Same. Ubiclub says weapons can be equiped after Sequence 5, but i've already completed it.
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    I am also having the same exact issue.
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    Le meme probleme pour Les armes
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    Same goes for me, only see the outfit unlocks, but no weapons. /PC version here/
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    Same issue here
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    Tout Et ajouter a partir de la fin sequence 6 debut 7 cest bon pour moi
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    Ditto here ..... Outfits, no weapons ..... However I did get several messages about weapons being available from stores but I haven't gotten around to checking them yet ..... It would be typical Ubisoft to make you have to still buy them before you actually get them .... I think that's how it worked in Black Flag too
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    SAME...what's the deal??
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