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    Naraka The Deadly Dark Moon

    Hello Space Monkey Pirate Captains! We are all making great contributions to Naraka: The Dark Side of the Moon!

    In the concept of Diwalite being a dangerous collection process:
    Diwalite is a peculiar resource. Snow-flake-like in shape, together they could conduct into many shapes. I imagine this is what fuels the city and new technology such as augments in System 3. Since Diwalite-rich deposits come from meteorite impact on planet-sized moon Soma, I reckon that they can cause anomalies among Naraka in treacherous form. Naraka is a dark side of a moon in another galaxy, I hope to see some repercussions for harvesting a powerful and popular resource. Harvesting Diwalite takes the toughest pickaxes, the strongest gloves, a hazard containment unit to control the unstable resource. There will be plenty of resources in abundance on Naraka given that meteorite impacts are common. Diwalite impacts could cause many anomalies: gigantic magnetic fields; overwhelming wind conditions, deadly noxious air; infernos of burning hell; grounds at high and low temperatures; unexpected occurrences of various liquids; unusual life forms big and small; radiated debris/gravel and dust storms. Radiation levels would be high, and the gigantic magnetic fields could be at portions of the wasteland in unique styles. Gigantic magnetic fields could be in the shape of tornadoes with pieces of the moon thrown in the air containing plenty of Diwalite, forming a funnel of Diwalite rotating with gravity. The magnetic fields could be in the shape of magnetic artwork and various symbolism, in the shape of hearts, in the shape of rings, in the shape of asteroid belts of the dark moon. All which can be made of Diwalite in bright form with ripped up ground from the surface. A good portion of the Diwalite could be impacted on the ground, causing very hot or cold liquids to be present. Diwalite can be electrifying, with fields of electrifying conductivity of lightning. Diwalite can cause supercell storms greater than our gas giant Jupiter. With all this ongoing magnetic activity from Diwalite impacts on Naraka, our technology like jetpacks, space ships of any kind, equipment, shields, would all have malfunctions and difficulties operating at full capacity. Only the strongest would be able to harvest Diwalite, though, for a human or any race in an bodysuit that protects you from otter space, the protection in Naraka is temporary. Without it, exploration is almost impossible, leaving room to adapt and develop a bodysuit of Diwalite. Imagine the pain hybrid slaves feel from being poor without a job and forced to be out there on the dark side of Soma. Would any System 3 bound individual dare to race in Naraka?

    In the concept of Naraka in real-time:
    With all the ongoing happenings at Naraka, the dark moon continues to be torn apart and shaped and remolded. Every visit at the dark moon when some time has passed by could prove very different from the last, allowing the physics to be wild and free as an extraterrestrial dark moon. Other times, a rapid change occurs to the land and air with many lives that are lost in the process. When lives are lost, this can affect available repeatable quests or specific things from hybrids you did not rescue who could have helped you. Let the Diwalite impacts make art itself onto the dark side of the moon of Soma. Let Naraka be destructible, with many objects you can smash but let it be danger of Diwalite and other resources that could be inside. Could Naraka be destroyed and re-layered with minerals before your very own eyes?

    In the concept of Naraka transports and slaves bound to slavery:
    Freeing slaves, hijacking or destroying, and doing whatever you like with another person's stuff isn't going to leave very many people happy. You are a Space Monkey Pirate, do what you want, but heed the repercussions! Intervening in Diwalite is a capital offence, and highly applicable to the alert meter which might bring fighters, fleets, bounty hunters by foot and by air, and motherships of the specified fraction will be sent your way much greater the longer you intervene on Naraka. The outbreak of a defiance in the Diwalite industry would be on the news that all of Soma would know. However, one can be careful, sneaky and stealthy, and take their time on Naraka as well as have NPCs who could help or hack the alertness of your foes. Choices you make here on the dark side of the moon will have heavy impacts on relationships with NPCs around Ganesha City and even potentially System 3. Would you be treated as a traitor to the Diwalite industry, a thief of Diwalite, or a Space Monkey Pirate tyrant that owns slaves?

    Happy development for BGE2! Community creativity unite!
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    It depends on how brutal we can get

    In the case of freeing everyone Id do it if A. We could do it in a very "VIVA LA RESITANCE" kind of way, really sell the "Its freedom" thing you know? B. Once freed we have the option to take any of the freed ones into our group and bolster up our crew

    Resources and building a fleet are needed here, what better than to free the slaves then immediatly hijack the ship for all its got
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    Take the ships and cargo and build a fleet to take bigger scores
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    A Winning Strategy

    Depending on who the slaves are, and how I could use them would determine if and when I should rescue them. If I die, what is the point? I want my treasure and loot, but I must have a strong enough fleet to get what I want when I want it.

    I would defiantly start with freeing a small group of slaves that I like, before beginning my raids on the transports: Gotta have enough man power to over-whelm the enemy ships.

    Also, if I personally get to fight the enemy with my character I would probably try to rescue most of the slaves that I do solo, and also capture some creatures as my own slaves.
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    Capture the transport and try to find someone in Ganesha City interested in more...

    ... and who would therefore offer me money or resources an advance so I capture more dyalite
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    Save them with stealth
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    I loved sneaking past the Alpha sections in the 1st game, so I suppose I'm partial to a stealth mode
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    Can I save the Slaves later?!?!
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    Depends on the strength of my crew, honestly. But I would most likely try to turn some slave's minds so that they'd work for me and collect and steal the goods. If a fight breaks out, imma try and beat them. If it's another group fighting my new group, however, I'd grab everything I can, let some of my new "friends" fight and grab everything I can, including some who I deem useful, and flee with them and the treasure together. x)
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    Having a 3rd option in the main storyline like the old mass effect games had in them
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