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    Mass Suggestions Thread

    Figured id make a thread to organize our gameplay suggestions. Please keep it simple, and lets stay away from things like bugs and glitches (since they're being worked on), or things we know are being addressed (i.e. the grinding for tracks). My suggestions are:
    -Being able to use % in T.C. search like Fusion.
    -Being able to sell multiple items.
    -Seeing our friends position on Multiplayer LBs.
    -Being able to place mulitple accessories.
    -Being able to put stickers directly on body.
    -Being able to use Helium on last 3 ninja tracks.
    -More diversity and creativity with contracts (track. specific maybe?).
    -Slow motion and rewind buttons in replays.
    -Not losing any points if placing 1st in MP.

    So thats all i got for now. I know there are a lot of issues with Rising but hopefully theyll get sorted out soon, and RL will be able to move onto implementing some of our suggestions. What are your ideas? Heres to hoping we're heard, and Rising becomes the best Trials yet!
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    i really like the title of this thread,
    but that wont stop me from dissagree with your suggestion
    about the Helium being used on the last ninjas.

    i think that would kill the Mantis and the game, for me at least.
    i'l rather try gaining controll over the mantis than taking the "easy way out"
    i never thought i would make it passed Green-cp1 on that bike,
    but its going forward, at cp6 now before timeOuts takes me.
    i know im gonna make it one of these days, and the reward will be
    100X bigger with the mantis.

    And its not a bad bike.... im starting to like it.


    Mass-suggestion: reMake TC like it was on fusion.
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    Anything stats related multiplayer like friends, region, how many wins online
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    A few I've mentioned before.

    - Always show the bar underneath each track on the map screen, to show how close you are to each medal. Currently that bar doesn't show if there's a contract available on that track.

    - Too late now I guess, but they should never have had XP. No XP means no level up, no lootboxes, no gating content by level, instead it could be gated by medal count or University progress, all the stickers could be available immediately instead of hidden in lootboxes, and all the game activities would reward gold and acorns to buy all the cosmetics in the store. It would be a leaner game, no XP barrier which has annoyed a lot of people, and no lootboxes which turns away some.

    - The carrot of a full suit for reaching Diamond status in MP is absurd. The way the true skill system works, almost everyone will end up Silver or Gold. Even the most skilled players will inevitably end up in games with much lower skilled players due to the MP not being cross-platform and due to the relatively low player count, which means they'll probably lose points in most matches they play.

    - Track Central UI could be much improved. The RL recommends section was empty last I checked. You can't edit your search filter, you have to remake it. You can't add a track to favorites after up-voting it.
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    Have a Track List menu, with PB, world record, position on the LB and stuff
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    Thanks for all the feedback here!
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    I think the Helium isn't available in the last 3 ninjas because they're simply impossible on the Helium. Without the power there are a couple cps that the Helium just can't clear. So it's not a case of "we don't want you to cheat by using the easy bike.", it's more a case of "we don't want you to waste time using a bike that can't beat the track".

    I agree with all your other points though. Especially being able to see friend rankings. Why would I want to see where a friend ranks amongst my friends?? That's pointless.
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    Integrate the donkey more into the game
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    Also make a version of multiplayer that incorporates how many flips and stuff you do
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    Mantis is trash, in comparison to Phoenix and viper. The bike acts like there’s a bag of rocks chained to the rear fender. The back tire slips constantly. It’s not fast enough.
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